Artist’s Statement

Since 1975, I’ve been illustrating the worlds of fantasy, science fiction and horror. No one style, medium or subject matter can truly define my body of work. Instead, a recognizable collection of artwork is seen through my passion for the subject matter and a dedication to the art of drawing and painting.

Online Comic Books

I have published and printed a series of comic books featuring my illustrations. Cold Cuts, books one and two, features graphic short stories I have envisioned, and are presented in sequential comic book style.

Journey Above and Beyond book one is designed in a magazine style presenting four writers’ stories with a title page and supporting illustration.

Seven Deadly Sins and 10 Plagues are illustrated with individual plates for each sin/plague.

Click Here to View the Individual Comic Book PDF’s.

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facebookI created a Bloodbytes facebook page so that I can receive feedback on recent artwork not yet uploaded to this website. Looking forward to hearing from you. Click on the icon…

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