Apparel Line: MonstreThreads™

“MonstreThreads” is my collection of T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve tees and tank tops, celebrating my illustrations of fantasy and horror. I developed my line into categories of vampires, demons, fantasy, zombies, steampunk, and Halloween.

There is a logo/icon created for each collection, and prints on each garment. You can select from 36 individual pieces of artwork, beautifully custom-printed on black 100% cotton garments. I created tribal borders that from all artwork and define the MonstreThreads brand.

View the collections at, or click on the catalog PDF.

Coloring Book: MonstrePieces™

“MonstrePieces” is made up mostly from my original line art used to create the final artwork for “MonstreThreads.” There is also some artwork not available anywhere else. The coloring book is 20 pages, printed on a non-gloss paper stock that is great for either colored pencils or markers.

Playing Cards: MonstrePlay™

“MonstrePlay” is a standard deck of poker-style playing cards, printed as a limited edition of 100 decks. This project contains artwork from my portfolios, as well as unique and customized art for the Jokers, Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and the card backs.

This is a deck designed for collections.

Trading Cards / Puzzle: MonstreThreads Promo

Features illustrations that have been published from various projects over the years. The 35-card set is divided up as such: 18 card backs make the puzzle, which is the MonstreThreads logo. The remaining cards are divided into Vampires, Zombies, Fantasy, Steampunk and Demons.

There is also on specialty card – a print of the puzzle artwork on a unique card stock.

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