Ongoing Projects

Online Comic Books

I have always designed, created and published a fanzine or comic book that would feature my illustrated stories. I’m not a writer, just a creative who likes to tell stories of horror and fantasy with drawings or paintings.

In 1983 I launched my first publication, “Journey Above and Beyond.” Today, I have composed and published two series of comic books: “Cold Cuts” and “Journey Above and Beyond.” In addition, there is a series of one-off books I illustrated: “7 Deadly Sins,” “10 Plagues,” and “My Guardian Angel.” More to come…


Select the Book Cover Below and flip through the individual PDF’s.

Halloween Cards

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I celebrate by designing a Halloween card, postcard or mini poster that I deliver in the mail or digitally. My illustrations support a theme, whether it’s zombies, vampires, or conventional Halloween imagery. My cards have great impact and have expanded my fan base. For me, Halloween is the art of giving.

Postcard Presentation

I selected 36 of my favorite illustrations that best represent my diversity in mediums, and subject matter as they relate to Vampires, Demons, fantasy, Zombies, Steampunk, and Halloween.

I use the presentation at tradeshows, icons, and to publishing houses . The collection, is housed in a custom made portfolio made of heavy black card stock.

Over the years, I have built many custom presentations using different materials, sizes and packaging.

Limited Edition Print Collections

Throughout each year I develop multiple series of drawings and paintings that are created as part of a theme.

There is usually four or five pieces per concept. They can be drawings or paintings and will be developed in one
selected medium following a concept. I also go through my archives and find work that has not been published
and I might create a series of prints from those as well. I also customize each collection with cover art and
decide on the graphic design and how each series will be printed and presented. As important as the artwork is,
presentation, production, and quality printing is essential.

Some samples below of previous collections.

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