Ongoing Projects

Jewel Box Calendar

Since 2005 I have produced calendars housed in a cd sized jewel box. The jewel box is a perfect vehicle to deliver a desktop sized calendar that would not take up a lot of table top space, yet be useful and visible enough to display. Each year I select 12 pieces of art from new portfolios. I also go through my archives and find work that has not been published. The cover art is done last and usually is customized as an icon or logo.


Apparel Line

My collection of T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve tees is called “Monster Gear”. I developed my line into catagories of vampires, demons and zombies. There is logos and icons created for each collection, and is used on hang tags to define the collection the artwork belongs to. I also will embroider the collections logos on a quality baseball cap. Printing on the front using 2 colors is detailed line art framed by a tribal border. The back, sports 1 color line art of the collections icon.


Halloween Card

Hands down, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I celebrate by designing a Halloween card, postcard or mini poster that is some what humorous and my illustrations play off my copy and concept. Whether I’m using zombies, vampires or scary monsters and aliens-my cards have great impact and have expanded my fan-base. For me, Haloween is the art of giving.


Online Comic Book

I have always designed, created and published a fanzine or comicbook that would feature my illustrated stories. I’m not a writer, just a creative who likes to tell stories of horror and fantasy with drawings or paintings. In 1983 I launched “Journy Above and Beyond”, went 3 issues before finances were no longer available to continue printing. But today, I no longer need to print, distribute or need to have advertising to produce the funds for printing. Welcome to my on-line comicbook- Cold Cuts. Issue 1 is available as a webzine or a downloadable PDF on my homepage.



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